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Sightseeing in Greece Transport with Greek Taxi

Greek-Taxi is able to offer a private taxi at your disposal to travel wherever you like in the whole of Greece and especially to and from Nafplion & Tolo around the Peloponnese.


to and from archaeological sites, places of historical interest, places of amazing beauty, caves, mountains, beaches.. the list is endless. Greek Taxi it is possible to reach all the corners of the Peloponnese and return to Tolo or Nafplion (if tiring with long distances). Combine some of the most important archaeological sites in the world, UNESCO sites such as the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros, Ancient Mycenae, Ancient Tiryns, visit the ancient site of Nemea and visit the award winning wineries of the area, take a trip to Sparta and see also the Byzantine Monasteries at Mystra, visit the stunningly beautiful Arcadian villages in the mountains, see Greece's 'Rock of Gibraltar' Monemvasia. Or something more relaxing, taxi transport is an excellent way to see some of the area and still have the other half of the day to laze on the beach.

Private taxi transport
Taxi transport is in demand with tourists more and more with visitors choosing to visit different classical sites around Greece independently. The convenience of being driven means that you are able to both relax and take in the beautiful countryside as well as gain a wealth of knowledge from the driver. Our taxi and driver are at your disposal 24hrs a day, taking you to places often off the beaten track with stops as and when you like. Leave at the time that suits you each day and do as much or as little as you prefer. We are ahppy to transport you and wait for you to return.

Make the trip that you would like, at your own pace, we can offer the transport. Make impromptu stops on the way and get the best out of your trip to Greece!

Greek Taxi in Greece - professional taxi services from Nafplion all over Greece.